Gorman's Much More...Than A Bloody Mary Seasoning
"A Superb Marinade and General Seasoning"

Gorman's Much More Seasoning Evolved in the heart of Sacramento Valley farm land.  Use Gorman's Much More as it comes from the bottle while barbecuing steaks or chops; add oil and onions or your favorite flavors with chicken or seafood.  A taste of Much More will enhance your soups, sauces, dressings, dips, stir-frys or meatloaf.  For a great Bloody Mary mix, use to taste with tomato juice.  ENJOY!!!


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"This seasoning makes the best hamburgers I've ever had. Better than a 6 dollar burger."
Sarah ~ Davis, CA

"I used Gorman's Much More marinade for making beef jerky and it turned out to be the best jerky I've ever made. I recommend you try it too, it's awesome"
Joe K. ~ San Diego, CA

"This stuff is great for everything. My personal favorite is tri-tip. I Marinated my tri-tip over night and bar-b-qued it. It was outstanding and my friends were raving and asking for more. It's the best!
Jason ~ Turlock, CA

“...its spicy, incisive flavor is very adaptable to culinary as well as bar use. .... It is an unusual, delicious California product. Darrell C, Sacramento, CA

Gorman’s “is every bit as good as I remember from when we lived in Yolo County seven years ago” S B, Sun Lakes, AZ

“Best in the West”... P H, Yuba City, CA

“I consider myself to be quite the marinade expert, but I must tell you I was so impressed by your mix that I have abandoned a couple of my own recipes.” M C, Manteca, CA

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